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Sample letter:

Dear Name of MP

As you know, the CRTC is the organization that regulates Canadian broadcasting and telecommunication systems. The CRTC’s mandate is to ensure that both the broadcasting and telecommunications systems serve the Canadian public. I am writing to you today because I feel that the CRTC is in fact not meeting the expectations of their mandate.

In the case of regulating competition, I am appalled at the poor decisions the CRTC has made recently. The CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to interfere with the traffic of independent internet service providers and allowing them to use what is called Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). DPI is a device that can analyze, inspect, filter or modify data on a network. Bell Canada has been using DPI to slow down and prioritize certain types of traffic that they consider to be competitive to their serving market. While on paper this would be considered fair, the internet is an open pipe and ISPs should treat it as such. This is causing a huge uproar because Bell Canada is also imposing DPI on wholesale traffic of independent service providers where they do not own or are allowed to touch this traffic and in effect Bell is forcing their policies on independent providers.

Most recently, the CRTC is also not allowing Globalive to launch their wireless network because they are claiming an issue with ownership rules, even though Industry Canada has also approved Globalive’s ownership structure and allowed them to buy spectrum. This is also a huge blow to competition in the wireless market.

As you can see, the CRTC is not making choices in favour of Canadian citizens. I am asking for a reform of the CRTC commission since they do not seem capable of regulating the broadcasting and telecommunications systems to serve the Canadian public. Please do not let the CRTC continue these practices. They are becoming very harmful to the Canadian public.

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