CRTC chair person Mr. Konrad Von Finckenstein was interviewed this afternoon on the NN ruling by Jesse Brown, a Canadian writer and broadcaster. Jesse’s twitter contained several disturbing answers from Mr. Finckenstein himself.

Firstly, Mr. Finckenstein “hasn’t seen any studies” that Canada is falling behind on broadband. Apparently he has not been keeping up in the news. In recent months there have been several studies from Oxford and Harvard among others. This doesn’t bode well for the man responsible for managing the commission.

Secondly, Jesse asked Mr. Finckenstein whether congestion is really a problem. Mr. Finckenstein’s response? “only way to prove it is if there’s a breakdown” Ok, so where’s Bell’s breakdown? As far as we know the network has never crashed completely. No complaints of constant slowdowns before implementation of throttling. So Mr. Finckenstein, fess up. There’s no real reason for throttling or bandwidth caps is there?

Finally, in one response Mr. Finckenstein said “You keep trying to get me to define principles. It’s very difficult.” Really? So how is your commission able to define principles, or did you make those up too?

So far this interview doesn’t strike confidence in the regulatory powers of the CRTC. If they can’t understand the issues how can they be regulating the internet? Stay tuned for the full interview.

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